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Massive Concurrent Realtime Communication Made Easy

Multiplayer games, VR, remote work, IoT, and many other services depend on concurrent realtime communication.
Realtime network technology is so essential, yet extremely difficult to perfect.
Our engine Diarkis makes building of robust and auto-scalable realtime communication service simple.
Diarkis is for anyone and anything.

Auto Scaling Decentralized Server Cluster

Diarkis' server functions as a cluster of self-managed servers. This architecture enables Diarkis to be auto-scalable, which is unheard of with realtime servers, and gives Diarkis resilience against server failures. All servers in the cluster are able to communicate with each other and coordinate.

Expand Your Virtual Universe Without Boundary

Cluster nature of Diarkis allows your application's universe to expand without limitations. As the number of users grow, so does the scale of the universe of Diarkis expand seamlessly. Millions of users may share the same space and time in your application.

Unified Virtual Single Universe Of Diarkis

All Diarkis user clients are connected to the "single" realtime world. It means that user clients do not need to "switch" servers or route user clients to "correct" servers. They are all connected in the same universe to bring a true realtime experience similar to the real world.

Visualization Of Metrics

Diarkis comes with builtin metrics API to monitor and analyize how your application is doing. From monitoring the number of concurrent users to packet in/out throughputs and many more. You may feed the metrics data from Diarkis to analytics tool of your choice.

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Our Technology

Diarkis is our own engine that provides realtime network-based communications over TCP, UDP, RUDP, and WebSocket as well as HTTP protocol.
Diarkis also enables its clients to communicate directly via P2P (peer-to-peer) over UDP for least amount of latency and combines it with server-to-client relay commnunication extending the ability to create both fast and massive network communication for your applications.
Diarkis is designed to scale automatically according to your application network traffic without halting the service at all.
Decentralized design of Diarkis' internal core provides fault-tolerance and reliability that your application needs.

Diarkis also provides you with client SDK. For TCP and UDP, RUDP, and P2P, we have ready-to-use Unity compatible C# SDK and C++ SDK with Unreal Engine support is on the way.
For WebSocket, we have javascript SDK.

Auto-Scalable Architecture

Diarkis is designed to scale without adding or changing any of your application configurations or code.
This architecture also allows Diarkis to deploy without stopping your application process to allow seamless updates.


Decentralized design of Diarkis makes your application extremely resilient against server failures and other unexpected problems.
If one or more server instances fail, other instances are able to step in to fill in the gap and your application will never know if anything at all happened.

Ready To Use Modules

Diarkis provides you with plethora of modules to aid your application development.
Creating chat rooms, match making, and more are avilable along with Diarkis client SDK.

Unparalleled Performance

Diarkis' innovative engineering gives performance effeciency and best performance per CPU.
Performance is one of our main focus and we take it seriously. Diarkis is fine-tuned to output the best performance in any situation.

About Us

We are a technology-centered company based in Tokyo Japan that is commited to provide the best realtime network solutions.
Our engine Diarkis is extremely versatile engine that offers true realtime experience to fields such as VR, AR, games, IoT, and more.

  • Company Name - Diarkis Inc.
  • Founder & CEO - Nobuyori Takahashi
  • Main Bank - Mitsui Sumitomo Bank / Shibuya Ekimae Branch

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150-0044, 6 - 7, Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan