Metaverse Chaos Map is now available [Latest version in 2022]

Diarkis Corporation, a developer and provider of real-time communication engines, released the Metaverse Technology Stack Chaos Map on Thursday, October 7, 2021. The latest version for 2022 will be updated on Friday, January 14, 2022.

Background of Metaverse Technology Stack Chaos Map Creation

With the new coronavirus epidemic, lifestyles have changed.
This has led many office workers and students to communicate with others through remote work and online classes. It is expected that online communication will continue to increase in the future. In particular, Facebook has recently changed its name to Meta, which has attracted even more attention.
This chaos map was created to help those who are considering providing metaverse services to choose the right technology for their development.

What is the Metaverse?

The term “metaverse” was first used by the American science fiction writer Neal Stephenson in his 1992 book “Snow Crash”.
In the book, the term “metaverse” appeared as the name of a fictional virtual space service, but it has finally become a reality as technological innovation has begun to build real virtual worlds.
Today, the term “metaverse” is used as a generic term for “virtual space services,” just as it was in the book.
The term “metaverse” is widely used as a generic term for virtual space services. The number of companies offering virtual space services has been increasing rapidly, and all services that build spaces in the virtual world fall into the category of metaverse.
And since the metaverse is just a service for realizing virtual spaces, “what kind of service can be realized using the metaverse” varies depending on the business using the metaverse.
This time, from the perspective of an engineer, I plotted a chaos map of companies that provide the product solutions needed to build a metaverse, by technology stack.

Overview of the Metaverse Technology Stack Chaos Map

In this chaos map, the products and tools of each company are classified according to the following categories.
User interface: The interface that users of the metaverse service interact with.
Content: Game services and software that serve as communication tools.
Hardware: Hardware for running head-mounted displays and content
Development environment: Development tools for developing metaverse services
Modeling: Tools for creating 3D models and images that make up the metaverse service.
Payment: Tools for developing the payments required to purchase things and receive services in the metaverse.
Applications: Tools for creating the processes necessary to realize the metaverse.
Execution environment: An environment necessary to run the metaverse.
Network: Tools and companies that communicate with other users of the metaverse
Infrastructure: Server environment and infrastructure providers required to run the metaverse.

Diarkis Introduction

Diarkis is a real-time communication engine that uses a distributed server configuration to flexibly scale servers in response to increases and decreases in communication volume. Diarkis is a real-time communication engine that takes a distributed server configuration and flexibly scales servers as communication volume increases or decreases. By using Diarkis, it is possible to solve these three issues, as well as to realize P2P communication and cross-platform matchmaking for effective use of 5G. It also minimizes operational costs.
This chaos map is created by our company, and we do not guarantee the comprehensiveness and accuracy of the service.
This chaos map is created by our company, and does not guarantee the coverage or accuracy of our services. The rights to the logo belong to the individual copyright and trademark holders.
Please contact us if you have any problems with the logo or if you would like to have it included in the next update.
Survey Summary
Survey title: Metaverse technology stack chaos map
Survey target: Metaverse-related business companies
Survey period: October 4, 2021
Survey method: Internet survey

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