Diarkis Field Module

Field module creates a virtual world where all connected clients can “see” each other without selecting a server to connect to. Clients that “see” each other automatically exchange messages in real-time. The default size of the virtual world is 37,7970,000 square meters (Roughly the same surface area as Japan) and the field of vision for all clients is 100 meters.

How To Set Up Field Module

The Field module must be set up with either TCP or UDP class instances.

With TCP Client: TCP client has to connect to the server.

With UDP Client: UDP client has to connect to the server.

How To Initialize The Client On The Server

In order to start with the Field module server, you must “initialize” the client.

How To Synchronize With Remote Clients In The Field

By calling the Sync method at a certain interval, the client is able to synchronize the client’s coordinates and send messages to remote clients.

How Coordinate Zero Is Treated By Field Module

The clients with coordinates 0 will NOT overlap the field of vision of the clients with other coordinates than 0.

How Negative Coordinates Are Treated By Field Module

The clients with negative coordinate values will NOT overlap the field of  vision of the clients with positive coordinates.

NOTE: SyncInit must be called before using Sync

How To Remove Itself From The Field

You may need to notify remote clients that your client is no longer in the field. The example below shows how to send a notification of client disappearance and the event listener to handle notifications from the remote clients.

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