Calculating the Number of Packets in Diarkis

When you use a real-time communication engine, you will probably use the number of concurrent connections to calculate the cost.
This article will help you to understand how to calculate the number of packets(cost) form the number of concurrent connections when using Diarkis.

What is Packet?

In network communication, it is the unit of data transmission and reception in a single communication.
In Diarkis, “Packet” refers to the unit of data exchanged between the server and the client library of Diarkis, apart from packets in general TCP/IP.

Data size of a Packet

Diarkis sets the size of the transmitted packet to 1400 bytes. The reason is that MTU is limited in major public clouds(AWS, GCP, Azure).
(For details, please refer to our blog “RUDP Written In C# For Diarkis“.)

Estimation of the number of packets(cost) in Diarkis Cloud

Basically, in multiple user communication, data is sent to all connected clients.
Therefore, in the case of 100 connections, the data will sent from one client to 99 clients, for a total of 100 packets. If you want 100 clients to exchange data with each other, you will need 100 x 100 = 10,000packets.
For example, in a chat room, a group of 10 people, each speaking once every 5 seconds for an hour, would be as follows
60 x 60 / 5 x 10 x 10(received) x 2(response confirmation)= 14,000 packets
*This number will vary depending on the numbers of re-transmissions, etc.


The usage fee for Diarkis Cloud is determined by the number of packets processed, but up to 1 billion packets are included in the basic fee.
If the number of packets exceeds 1 billion packets, you can use the calculation method in this article to estimate the cost.

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