Live Server Update

When you update real-time multiplayer servers, the typical approach would be to stop the service while updating the servers.
This is because while you update servers, you must shut down all servers and for real-time multiplayer servers, that means all user clients must be disconnected.
Diarkis comes with the ability to update servers without interrupting the service at all while all user clients are still connected.
This “Live Server Update” is made possible because of Diarkis’ unique server structure.
Diarkis consists of multiple servers to form a cluster and all servers within the cluster are able to communicate with each other freely.
This server design allows Diarkis servers to control user clients and control user client connections flexibly enabling the user clients to be not affected by server updates.

Once Diarkis Starts Running It Does Not Stop

Not only Diarkis is able to update servers without stopping, but it can also auto-scale.
This means that according to the workload on the servers, Diarkis can change the number of running servers at will.
This allows the number of servers to be always optimized to the number of user clients.

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