Diarkis Room – How To List Available Rooms

In many cases, you will want to have a list of available rooms to join.
Diarkis Room module allows you to assign a “type” to a room to be listed by the assigned “type”.

Before Going Further

Please read what Diarkis Room Module is all about before you read this.
For Room module details, please read here.

How To Register A Room With A Type

In order for a room to be “found” by its type, you must register the room with a type. The example below shows you how to do that using Diarkis C# client.

How To Find Registered Rooms By Type

The example below demonstrates how to find a list of rooms with the same type using Diarkis C# client.
C# Client SDK v0.1.11 and later.
For Room module details, please read here.

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