How to start “Diarkis Cloud”

This entry explains how to get started with Diarkis Cloud.

Sign up for Diarkis Cloud

Go to and click on the “LOG IN/SIGN UP” link to sign up.

Verification your email address

The first time you sign up, you will receive an email with the subject “Verify your email for Diarkis Cloud” to confirm your email address.

Create your first Diarkis

Select “Clusters” from the upper left menu to go to the cluster management page.
Select the “+” button on the page, select a region from the pop-up window, and select “CREATE” to start deploying your Diarkis environment. You will receive a notification email when the deployment is complete.

Check your Diarkis Cluster

After the deployment is complete, the “Clusters” page will show the connection information to Diarkis.
You can retrieve the cluster status by specifying the “ClientKey” displayed on this page in the HTTP header and sending a request to “{Endpoint URL}/metrics/prometheus/v/2”.

How to start using in production

Because the number of concurrent users is limited in the trial, it cannot be used in a production. In order to use Diarkis in a production, you need to switch to “Paid Account”.
To switch to “Paid Account”, select “Account” from the menu in the upper left corner, and then open the account settings screen and click “Switch to paid account”.
Fill in the necessary information displayed on the screen and click “YES” to change your account to STANDARD and create a production Diarkis.
The production version of Diarkis does not have the “(TRIAL)” notation and does not have a limit on the number of connections.

Contact us

For inquiries about Diarkis introduction, employment entry, etc., click here.