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Live Room Migration

Live Room Migration

Diarkis server can auto-scale (automatically change the number of servers running) according to the workload of the server on the fly.

It becomes important for the application to handle connected clients when the server shuts down when scaling in.

Diarkis server detects when the server running on is marked for the shutdown when scaling in and propagates that to the connected clients.

The clients may handle this signal from the server. Usually, it is as simple as re-connecting to another Diarkis server.

Diarkis Room additionally offers a functionality called “Live Room Migration” for the clients to seamlessly migrate the room to another Diarkis server without affecting the connected clients at all.

Live Room Migration copies the room, including all of its properties and states, along with the room members to another Diarkis server that will not shut down and instructs the room members to automatically migrate to the new copied room.

This allows the clients to move to the new Dairkis server with minimum interruption and allows the connected clients to continue with real-time communication.

Diarkis Room - Live Room Migration Diagram
Live Room Migration Diagram

C# Client Code Example

room.OnMemberLeave += (byte[] message) =>
    // handle when another member left the room

room.OnMemberJoin += (byte[] message) =>
    // handle when another member joined the room

// the client must be the room owner client to execute live room migration
// starts the live room migration immidiately and raises OnMemberLeave and OnMemberJoin events

Diarkis enables massive multiplayer network communications.

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