Diarkis C# Client SDK
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Diarkis.Lib.Packet Class Reference


struct  Addr
class  Error
class  Header
class  Notification
struct  P2PClientAddr
struct  Parsed
struct  UDPPacket

Static Public Member Functions

static P2PClientAddr[] GetP2PClientAddrs (byte[] bytes, string myAddr)
static Error ToError (byte[] bytes)
static string ExtractClientAddressFromKeepAlive (byte[] payload)
static byte[] ExtractAdditionalDataFromKeepAlive (byte[] payload)
static Notification[] ExtractNotifications (byte[] bytes)
static ushort ToUInt16BE (byte[] bytes, int offset)
static byte[] AddrToBytes (string addr, int port)
static Addr AddrFromBytes (byte[] bytes)
static byte[] Combine (byte[] buf, byte[] packet)
static byte[] Combine (byte[] buf, byte[] packet, int packetLength)
static byte[] Slice (byte[] buf, int offset, int size)
static bool Equal (byte[] b1, int start1, int end1, byte[] b2, int start2, int end2)
static byte[] DictionaryToBytes (Dictionary< string, double > dic)
static Dictionary< string, double > ToDictionary (byte[] bytes)
static byte[] StringListToBytes (List< string > list)
static string[] ToStringList (byte[] payload)
static byte[] BytesListToBytesMin (List< byte[]> list)
static List< byte[]> BytesToBytesListMin (byte[] bytes)
static byte[] BytesListToBytes (List< byte[]> list)
static List< byte[]> ToBytesList (byte[] payload)
static bool IsReconnectPayload (byte[] payload)
static string ParseReconnectPayload (byte[] payload)
static byte[] CreateUDPPacket (uint flag, uint seq, byte[] packet)
static byte[] Create (uint ver, uint cmd, byte[] payload)
static byte[] CreateSecurePayload (byte[] sid, byte[] key, byte[] iv, byte[] macKey, byte[] payload)
static byte[] CreateSecurePayload (byte[] sid, byte[] key, byte[] iv, byte[] macKey, byte[] payload, int payloadLength)
static byte[] DecryptSecurePayload (byte[] key, byte[] iv, byte[] macKey, byte[] payload)
static UDPPacket ParseUDPPacket (byte[] packet)
static Parsed Parse (byte[] packet)
static Header ParseHeader (byte[] packet)

Static Public Attributes

const uint UDP_PROTO = 0x1
const uint RUDP_PROTO_SYN = 0x2
const uint RUDP_PROTO_DAT = 0x3
const uint RUDP_PROTO_ACK = 0x4
const uint RUDP_PROTO_RST = 0x5
const uint RUDP_PROTO_EACK = 0x6
const uint RUDP_PROTO_FIN = 0x7
const uint PUSH_STATUS = 0xFF
const int REQ_HEADER_SIZE = 10
const int RES_HEADER_SIZE = 11

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