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Diarkis.Core Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Diarkis.Core:
Diarkis.Tcp Diarkis.Udp

Public Member Functions

void Dispose ()

Static Public Member Functions

static string GetVersion ()

Protected Member Functions

void NewTCP (string addr, int port)
void NewTCPDualMode (string addr, int port)
void ConnectTCP (string addr, int port)
void CloseTCP ()
NetworkStream GetTCPStream ()
void SetTCPNoDelay (bool noDelay)
bool IsTCPConnected ()
int GetTCPAvailable ()
void ConnectUDP (string addr, int port)
void ConnectUDPDualMode (string addr, int port)
void CloseUDP ()
bool IsUDPConnected ()
bool UDPPolling (int pollingTime)
int GetUDPAvailable ()
int UDPRcvFrom (byte[] buff, ref EndPoint ep)
void SendUDP (byte[] msg, int length)
void SendUDPTo (byte[] msg, int length, IPEndPoint ip)
IPEndPoint GetRemoteIP ()
EndPoint GetConnetedUDPEndPoint ()
IPAddress GetIPAddress_ (string addr, int port)
virtual void Dispose (bool disposing)

Protected Attributes

bool IsDualMode = false

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