Diarkis C# Client SDK
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CSyncDataManages Serialization and Deserialization of custom property data. This is meant to be used to create payload for clients to clients synchronization via network
 CDirectMessageDirectly sends and receives messages from another user by passing thier user ID only
 CMatchMakerMatchMaker client interface that uses either UDP or TCP Diarkis client for communication. MatchMaker class handles plethora of matchmaking features including Team formaing matchmaking and P2P matchmaking
 CResultItemMatchmaking search result item
 CP2PPeer-to-Peer client that uses Diarksi Udp class instance internally. NOTE: If the client is a mobile device and the client address changes, peer-to-peer communication will break
 CRoomRoom allows clients in the same "room" to exchange packets freely
 CRoomChatDataRepresents a chat message data with its sender user ID and timestamp in milliseconds
 CRoomListItemRepresents a room data registered by Register
 CRPCManages RPC calls and their executions via Room class
 CUdpUDP client for Diarkis server that handles UDP messaging and RUDP messages. The class receives messages from the server via event callbacks